Easy line Q-E-Q-+-Q-R-W-W
Mid line Q-W-E-W-E-R-W-E
Like that combo?

This is going to be Absurd

SvenSven with his inbuilt cleave as well as magnus empower makes him a cleaving machine ready to fight at level 6 even farm triple ancient stacks without having to waste god strength. Daedalus and Satanic have a very good synergy with his skills proving more fatal with a magnus in the team as when sven gets low all he needs to do is pop his satanic with magnus empower and he's at full or nearly full health. This is more of a team fight combo and requires a good RP so that sven can cleave all of them together which is why refresher is good on MagnusMagnus so that he can rp twice if sven wasn't able to finish the job.

SvenSven Can replace his blink with a battle fury but it's really situational as you already have so much cleave with magnus empower so it's required unless you're pub stomping them as the magnus can bring them to you after he RPs or he can force staff then skewer back.